Here at Northern Light Pharmacy, our entire pharmacy team recognizes that while each patient is unique, the key for optimal therapeutic outcomes is the same - through medication appropriateness, compliance and adherence. These are all addressed in our comprehensive individualized patient care plans created through consultation with disease-state experts in our own healthcare system - Northern Light Health.

Medication Appropriateness. Our experts review each patient’s case to assess for medication appropriateness prior to initiating therapy. Should conflicting evidence arise, our team consults the prescribing physician to identify the best course of action.

Patient Education and Counseling. One of our clinical pharmacists will provide individual counseling to our specialty patients before the first fill is dispensed. Each patient receives a written summary of the education and counseling session in addition to his/her rights and responsibilities, pharmacy contact information, medication specific education materials, manufacturer sponsored support programs (as applicable), and financial assistance program materials all gathered in a convenient welcome folder.

Compliance and Adherence. Through the use of documented patient follow-up phone calls, our pharmacy care team assesses patient compliance and adherence. Each phone call consists  of a pill count (or other appropriate measurement for injections, patches, and non-tablet/capsule formulations), adherence reinforcement, and side effect management. Additionally, any pertinent questions or concerns addressed are documented and the next refill is scheduled for delivery as convenient to the patient. 

For NLH system patients, each follow-up is communicated to the prescriber as deemed clinically necessary by the pharmacist. For non-NLH system providers, the clinical pharmacist will contact the prescribing physician via telephone or fax to provide the follow-up information as needed. Northern Light Pharmacy Specialty Pharmacy communicates with the patient's prescribing physician to provide continuity of care regarding their specialty needs. 

We strive to become a leader in specialty pharmacy and are continuously monitoring outcome related data such as:
  • Patient Adherence Rates  
  • Financial Assistance Obtained
  • Adverse Event Rates/Management
  • Patient Satisfaction Rates
  • Prescriber Satisfaction Rates
We are proud to be a URAC certified specialty pharmacy and continuously seek to demonstrate our commitment to healthcare quality in everything that we do. 
  Specialty Pharmacy

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