Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

GettyImages-1214361186.jpgAll outpatient services are offered virtually through secure video conferencing. To make a referral for any of our services, please contact our Behavioral Health Resource Center 1-800-640-1211 or 207-973-6048.

About the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

Our outpatient programs support the needs of youth and their families by offering many of the services needed in one place. Through our program, patients can access medication management, individual and family therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy, education, and support. 

Guiding you through the care experience

The youth’s care is directed by a psychiatrist and a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is completed in a timely manner following the referral call. Ongoing medication management, therapy, or intake to our day program are available following this evaluation.

Outpatient Group Therapy Schedule


4 - 5 pm
"COVID and Beyond"

4 - 5 pm
"Building Positive Relationships"


8 - 9 am
"Rise and Shine"

4 - 5 pm


4 - 5 pm
"Girls Group"

4 - 5 pm
"Staying Connected and Building Self-Esteem"


3:30 - 5 pm
"Adolescent Eating Disorder Group"



Group Descriptions

COVID and Beyond

Age range: 8 - 11
All genders
Through the use of games and activities, participants will create a place to come together and focus on building resiliency to help with coping with the changes from COVID-19 with a focus on communication skills and making healthy connections.

Rise and Shine

Age range: 10 - 14
All genders
Start your day off on a positive note by enjoying some calming activities (fun supplies to be provided to participants through a monthly subscription box mailed to the home).


Age range: middle/high school
All genders
Peer support, psycho-education, empowerment, healthy relationships, and exploration on what it's like to be a LGBTQIA teen.

Girls Group

Age range: high school
Safe, supportive environment for participants who identify as female to discuss challenges, mental health issues, and other struggles that all teens can face with peer support, psycho-education, and learning new therapeutic skills

Adolescent Eating Disorder Group

Age range: middle/high school, early college
All genders
Support, therapy, and psycho-education to those who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and are actively working on their recovery. Preferred that participants be in individual therapy as well.

Stying Connected and Building Self-Esteem

Age range: Grades 6-8
All genders
Connect with other peers and develop skills to improve self-esteem.

Building Positive Relationships

Age range: high school
All genders
Focused on developing an understanding of healthy relationships in an open and affirming environment. Participants will explore past, present, and potential relationships to develop self-advocacy skills and healthy boundaries.

Please contact to see if there's a group right for you! To make a referral for any of our group offerings, please contact our Behavioral Health Resource Center at 1-800-640-1211 or 207-973-6048.