Healthy lawn, healthy life

Did you work hard this summer to “keep up with the Joneses” by tending to flower beds, trimming hedges, and mowing lawns before the dandelions bloomed? Do you know these chores are good for more than just curb appeal? A healthy lawn can benefit your lifestyle.

The daylight hours are quickly shrinking, and the evenings and mornings are crisp, reminding us that summer is indeed over and we all know what’s up next: winter!

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your lawn for winter, and the personal, emotional health reasons why:

  • A lush lawn helps fight allergies. Some people are allergic to the pollen from common lawn weeds, therefore thick healthy grass will lead to less allergies, healthier people, and a happier life.
  • Keeping a healthy lawn decreases stress. Multiple studies have shown that spending time in or even just looking at nature decreases stress hormones. In an ever-connected, screen-focused world, just looking at a lovely lawn can help you breathe easier, sleep better, and feel calmer.
  • Caring for your lawn provides a quiet living space. If you’ve lived in an apartment complex, you know how loud it can get. A lawn acts like soundproofing by absorbing noise from neighbors, cars, and other commotion. The result is a quieter, more serene environment.
  • Clean up all leaves, branches, and pine needles. Not only does a thick layer of debris on your lawn look unsightly, but it can also suffocate grass and breed disease that affects the health of your lawn. Not only will your yard benefit, but you'll get fresh air and cardiovascular benefits.
  • It is important to continue mowing as late in the season as is necessary to prevent diseases, attract less debris, and lower the potential of having snow mold. Once you’ve mowed and no growth occurs after, you will know you’re done for the season.
  • Your yard can be a place of respite, or a place to have fun. It’s so important to take a bit of time away from work and other obligations to kick back and relax, and a beautiful lawn is just the place to do that. Lounge in the hammock, set up a croquet game, host a BBQ, or just play with your kids in the grass—whatever brings you happiness.

We hope these tips will help you and your little piece of the earth glow with happiness when spring comes back around, when the flowers begin popping through the ground, and the days stretch out.

For questions about allergy season click here.