5 Minute Stress Relief-Pulling down the heavens with sound Feeling Stressed? Here's a tool to help you manage daily stress.

About the 5-minute stress relief sessions Participants will drop in for a quick session with Dr. Andreescu to shed the stress accumulated over the course of the day. Each mini session will focus on one or two techniques, giving the participants the opportunity to gradually build a robust toolkit of techniques to employ on their own.

About Dr. Andreescu Dr. Andreescu was born and raised in Romania, living through the life stressors of being under communist dictatorship. In the USshe trained in internal medicine and then hematology and oncology, joining the EMMC community in 2002. She iscurrently an oncology physician at Northern Light Cancer Care.

Dr. Andreescu has always been keenly aware of her cancer patients?needsand the negative impact of stresson them but also realized her own need to shake off the daily stress, to relax and recharge her batteries. With the new challengeswe all face with the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Andreescu redoubled her efforts to stay healthy. In pursuit of skillful methods to support her own wellbeing, Dr. Andreescu became acredentialed practice leader for mind body techniques.