Sprucing Up Your Space Can Lift More Than Just Dust

Open the windows, deep-clean the curtains and carpets, declutter the closets, and run that vacuum in overdrive. Let’s be honest—there are few things more satisfying than a good, hearty spring cleaning.

Life gets overwhelmingly busy, leaving little time for regular tidying. Spring has emerged as a perfect time for those less frequent chores. It's also a good time to come out of hibernation and let the sunshine warm us up!

What makes this tradition, which involves a great deal of elbow grease, so satisfying? Here are a few reasons that might resonate with you:

  • It improves your health: A good spring cleaning can improve air quality and help you breathe better. Asthma triggers—like dust and pet dander—float in the air and settle on every surface in your home. A thorough cleaning can help reduce allergens—and when you feel better physically, it's easier to relax.

  • It lightens your mood and eliminates stress: Clutter overwhelms your senses and constantly reminds you of your unfinished tasks. Since controlling stress or anxiety in our lives can be challenging, organizing personal space can make us feel at ease.

  • It increases productivity: A clean and clutter-free home saves time spent searching for misplaced items and money spent replacing them. Knowing there is a place for everything gives you peace of mind, where clutter makes it difficult for the brain to filter information. If you think it's hindering your productivity, it’s time to purge it and simplify.

  • It's good exercise: Like any physical activity, spring cleaning burns calories. Thirty minutes or more of moderate activities like vacuuming or scrubbing floors can add up. The more you move, the more calories you'll burn.

  • It boosts self-esteem: Spring cleaning also means cleaning out the emotional closets we have accumulated over the years. All the stuff that takes up our physical space —too many clothes, an oversized shoe collection, or too much furniture — creates clutter in our homes and in our minds.

Jared Darlian, DO, physician resident, Northern Light Family Medicine and Residency Program, says, “Cleaning is not only good for your surroundings, but also great for your peace of mind. A clear and clutter-free environment will allow you the mental space to rest and relax in your home.” Spring is all about new beginnings. Use the changing of seasons to create change in yourself. You'll feel a weight lifted.


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