Need relief from Brown Tail Moth rash? If you’ve ever experienced the rash from the hairs of the Brown Tail Moth caterpillar, you know the itch can be unbearable at times. The tiny poisonous hairs from the caterpillar can typically be found in the air from June through the first part of August and when they come in contact with skin it can result in a rash, much like poison ivy. Some people are really affected by the hairs, and some lucky people are not. Unfortunately, the itchy threat returns again in the fall when the hairs can get airborne when raking leaves or doing gardening.
brown-tail-moth-kit-(1).jpegFortunately, most pharmacies have topical treatments that can help ease the itch. Northern Light Pharmacy wanted to make it super easy for people and put together a Brown Tail Moth care kit to help you through the worst of it. The kit includes lidocaine, witch hazel, hydrocortisone cream, anti-itch cream, a spray bottle, and a bonus tick spoon to help with the other pest commonly found in Maine. Check out a location near you! Locations - Northern Light Pharmacy - Northern Light Health)