Unlock your potential: Everyday skills make extraordinary nurses Some people were born to care for others and we’re on a mission to help those people connect with new and rewarding careers in healthcare. From empathy to teamwork, qualities you already possess can help you stand out in the world of nursing! Check out these common skills that easily translate from day-to-day tasks to patient care.
  • Empathetic – Are you the person everyone turns to when they need a shoulder to lean on? Your empathetic ear, calm demeanor, and judgement-free approach help you meet people where they are. Everyone’s favorite nurse is the one who makes them feel seen, heard, and cared for. If empathy is at your core, we’ve got a career for you!
  • Mover (and shaker) - Is your idea of the perfect place to catch up with friends the city forest instead of the local coffee house? Many studies have shown nurses can walk anywhere from three to five miles during an average shift. If you’re into tracking your treks, a nursing career will get you stepping and moving each shift!
  • Multitasker – Is one thing at a time at least four things too little? If you see downtime as a downer and the perfect day is one where you’re connecting with many people on even more topics, you’ll feel right at home in nursing.
  • Teamworker – Do you find comfort in numbers? If you opt for group work over flying solo, a nursing career comes with a whole team of colleagues who are in it with you to care for patients and each other.  With so many people coming together for one mission, you’re never alone.
Each day, residents from across Maine are choosing to put their passion and skills to work caring for others as a nurse. Northern Light Health and higher education organizations throughout the state come together to expand training and educational opportunities in Maine. Danielle Craig found her new career through one of these programs. Check out her story here!

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