Beat the mid-winter blues with indoor golf!

Mid to late winter can leave you feeling a bit stir crazy. After all, for those of us who might not love being out in the cold, it can be hard to fine fun things to do to get us out of the house and spending time with friends.

The shorter days and cold can lead some of us to feeling rather blah, unmotivated, and sometimes depressed. So, if someone was to tell you that there’s a way to have fun, spend time with friends, and even travel to another state or country, all within driving distance from your home and for very little money, would you be interested?

Well, thanks to developing technologies and a growing interest in golf since COVID, Maine now features many indoor golf facilities that are for both the serious golfer and those who are just looking for a distraction on a snowy weekend afternoon.

Remarkably, there are more than 25 indoor golf facilities located throughout Maine, and they feature one or more golf simulators that use computers, cameras, projectors and even radar to create a realistic and fun golfing experience. Typically, each is in its own enclosed space, with grass-like mats and a big screen that features a projected image of a golf hole.

Thanks to the technology, you can drive, hit irons, chip, and even putt, and it all translates onto the screen. Some simulators also feature fun golfing games or a driving range if you don’t feel like playing a round. Another cool aspect of indoor simulated golf is that you can choose from a variety of courses to play. So, one week you can “travel” to the iconic St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland, and the next you can find yourself enjoying the sun and fun of Pebble Beach in California!  

According to Northern Light Health psychologist and Husson University professor David Prescott, PhD, there are mental and physical benefits of playing indoor golf! “The correlation between physical activity and depression is well established. Regular physical activity reduces clinical depression; in fact, researchers have found what they term a dose-response curve for depression and physical activity. The longer and more intense the physical activity (the higher the dose), the greater the reduction in depressed mood (the better the effect).”

Another important plus to spending time playing indoor golf is the benefit of socializing with friends. Dr. Prescott notes, “Being able to spend time with friends or your regular ‘golfing buddies’ throughout the winter months can give you something to look forward to each week and will provide you with that healthy dose of socializing in a fun and relaxing environment.”

So, whether you are a regular golfer or someone who’s just looking for something fun and different to do with friends on a weekend, grab your friends and give indoor golf a try.

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