Avoid shams this shopping season

Protect your payment methods!

In the age of technology, especially around this time of the year, we often find ourselves making online purchases for ourselves and our loved ones. Staying protected from all harm is good for our health and having a credit card compromised can indeed cause us emotional and financial harm, resulting in additional stress and anxiety.

Answering a few easy questions will help you avoid a potentially stressful situation. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe while shopping online:

  • Is this website secure? Look for the “s” in https at the beginning of the website’s address. Ensuring that you see that “s” before proceeding with your purchase means you are shopping on a safe site.

  • Will that be debit or credit? Choose credit! Skip the use of your debit card—credit cards offer more protection in case the card number is stolen. Certain protections are extended to both debit and credit card transactions under federal law, but most credit cards take these protections a step further by offering their own form of zero-fraud liability.

  • Is my device updated? Make sure you keep your software updated on all devices, including laptops, phones, computers, or tablets. This is one of the easiest things we can do to protect our information. Software updates enhance existing features, patch security flaws, add new security features, fix bug issues, and improve performance.

  • Can you guess my login? Lock down your login information. Yes, it’s easy to use the same username and password across devices and websites, but creating long and unique passphrases for each account will help protect your financial data. There are several services and apps you can find online to help you save and remember your passwords in a secure and protected digital space.

Taking these steps will help protect your information and financial data, which will lead to a happier and healthier holiday season! If you are looking for information on financial protection, you can check out our findhelp tool. This tool makes it easy to search for free or reduced cost services you might need, including medical care, food, community services, and more.