Step into spring with these hiking tips

If you spent most of the winter indoors, spring hikes offer a refreshing opportunity to get back outside. Are you ready to track your progress and keep it safe?

Spring hiking can be messy, but don’t let that stop you. Be ready and stay safe with these simple tips:

  • Wear waterproof shoes and pants that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Bring a change of clothes, extra towels, and bags for the car.
  • Choose hikes at low elevations and south-facing slopes. These trails tend to dry out faster than ones that are north-facing or at higher elevations.
  • Turn around if a trail is extremely muddy—you can always come back another day.
  • Bring trekking poles—they’re great for navigating tricky, potentially unstable terrain.
  • Always check the weather and risk of flash flooding in your hiking destination before setting out.
  • Let others know where you are going before you leave, giving as many specifics as possible: what time and date do you plan to leave, when you expect to reach the trailhead, and when you plan to return. Always touch base with those you alerted when you get back.

Let’s navigate!

With the help of a handy phone app, you can enhance you hiking experience by tracking the distance traveled, elevation, steps, and calories burned. You can also keep a record of all the cool places you’ve visited and plan future hikes. Apps can also add a layer of safety to your hike. Although most trails are clearly marked in popular places, it’s easy to get turned around. Using an app with GPS tracking will help you navigate by showing your current location, where you’ve been, destinations, and the way home. Several highly recommended hiking apps feature digital mapping—try experimenting with a few and see which one fits best with what you want to accomplish.

Let’s take care of our beautiful state

Look out for birds nesting and try not to trample plants that help limit erosion. Also, walking on the edges of trails to avoid puddles could damage the vegetation. Reduce harm by walking through the mud or stepping on rocks when possible.

Yes, trails may be wet, but with these tips, a cool phone app, and the right preparation, every level of hiker can be ready to build great memories.

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