Northern Light Mayo Hospital 340B Benefits

FY23 savings: $2,644,067

Northern Light Mayo Hospital is a member of Northern Light Health, and together, we are committed to making health and care accessible and straightforward. Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate healthcare to those who live and work in our communities. Participation in the 340B program helps us provide comprehensive healthcare services and lifesaving prescriptions to our patients.

As a 340B hospital, we purchase medications for qualified patients at reduced rates from drug companies. The savings are reinvested in services and programs that benefit the patients we serve. While some services are covered by insurance, some Medicare and MaineCare services are reimbursed at payment rates below the actual cost to provide care. Other services provide significant benefit to our patients but are not covered by any insurance program. In addition to programs and services in the areas identified below, Mayo Hospital provided more than $300,000 in free charity care last fiscal year. We are committed to our patients, their families, and each other and will provide the care needed, no matter the situation.

Please see the list below for some of the benefits provided to our community through this program.

Women’s care

Northern Light Mayo Hospital is the only provider of birthing care, OB/GYN outpatient care, OB/GYN surgery, and 3D mammography in Piscataquis County. If not for the services provided by Mayo Hospital, women would need to drive nearly an hour, and in some cases much farther, to access care. Mayo Hospital is committed to helping women stay healthy in every aspect of their lives, close to home.

Specialty care

Piscataquis County is the oldest county in the oldest state in the nation, and we know that traveling long distances to access care is challenging and inconvenient for many of our patients. That’s why we provide access to a range of specialty services and providers, some of which are not typically available in rural regions. Current specialty services offered at Northern Light Mayo Hospital include general surgery, orthopedics, cancer care, podiatry, and urology.

Primary care

Northern Light Mayo Hospital maintains a network of four primary care health centers in rural communities in Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties. Locally available primary care is important because transportation is a barrier to accessing care for many in our region. Additionally, our patient population struggles with high rates of poverty, chronic disease, food insecurity, behavioral health issues, and substance use disorder. Our primary care health centers provide individualized care to help patients address their health challenges. We also connect patients with community resources, such as food banks, behavioral health providers, and home health and hospice providers.

The Importance of Maintaining the 340B Program

As Mainers, we are in this together. And, at Northern Light Mayo Hospital, we are dedicated to ensuring our communities have access to the very best in healthcare. We tirelessly advocate to make sure essential services are maintained close to home for you. Reducing or eliminating our participation in the 340B program would greatly increase the risk of not being able to provide these services to our patients.