About Us

Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital is a critical access hospital in Blue Hill, Maine. 

Originally donated by Mrs. F.B. Richards in 1922, Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital is committed to improving the health of the communities we serve. Our Blue Hill community is a beautiful place, and the people who live here deserve the best care possible, as close to home as they can be. 

At Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital, we listen to our patients, and we also use community health data, like that collected in our Community Health Needs Assessment, to best serve our communities.

We collaborate with organizations  to deliver educational programs to the people we serve. These provide a significant community benefit at no cost to our local friends and neighbors. 

Working closely with our charity care patients, we identify programs that will cover their healthcare costs. When no coverage is available, we offer assistance programs to help ensure that every patient has access to the medical care they need and deserve.

Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital is part of a not-for-profit organization.