Healthy, Happy, and Wise Podcast Series

A series of podcasts from Northern Light Health to heal, inspire, and inform. We strive to improve our health and the health of our communities through connections and conversation.     

Meeting People Where They Are
Tim Talk | Episode 47

Meeting People Where They Are

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, CEO of Grapevine Health has spent her whole life trying to see the world of healthcare through the eyes of patients. Her insights into how they feel about the way we talk to them is eye-opening and worth a listen. She shares those insights in the latest episode of Tim Talk, which is part of the Healthy Happy and Wise podcast series.

Tim Talk

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Northern Light Health President and CEO Tim Dentry explores issues of social and medical justice through inspiring conversations with those working towards meaningful change.

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Sustainable Healthcare

Climate sustainability in healthcare

Northern Light Health connects the dots between our changing climate and its effect on patient care, healthcare operations, and the environment.

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Exploring careers in healthcare

What’s it really like to be an orthopedist, a phlebotomist, or a hospice nurse? We’ll show you a day in the life story of our diverse and talented employees.

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Health Equity in Action
Tim Talk | Season 4 | Episode 46

Health Equity in Action

What is health equity, why is it important? Emily Tolman, our associate vice president of Health Equity will explain our mission. Melissa Skahan, VP of Mission Integration at Northern Light Mercy Hospital provides a concrete example of health equity at work by detailing an exciting new partnership at Mercy that is providing housing, medical care, and educational opportunities to pregnant, homeless women seeking asylum in Maine’s largest city.