Clearing the Path for a Healthier You

At Northern Light Health, we believe in healthcare that works for everyone.

Our Digital Experience project is just one of the ways we’re making healthcare more accessible and easier to navigate for the people of Maine. Using tools that work with our electronic health record system and our patient portal we’re able to expand access to care – even in our most rural service areas, improving the care experience for our patients and our care givers.
The Digital Experience project is a systemwide initiative, designed to benefit patients all over the state of Maine. To ensure rollout goes smoothly, many of the features have what’s called a rolling go-live. A rolling go-live means that one or two hospitals (and their associated clinics) activate tools at a time over the course of weeks or months, to ensure that staff and patients have the support they need.
  • To learn more about all our new, online services like self-scheduling and online registration, visit the links below.
  • Wondering if a tool is right for you? Ask your care team how a specific tool can help you on your way to better health at your next appointment or send them a message using the patient portal.*

Here you can find out what is coming and what has been done recently.

Coming Soon

  • Appointment Reminders*
  • Digital Practice & Remote Patient Monitoring*
  • Digital Referral System*
  • Insurance Claim Automation*
  • Online Payment Planning and Billing*
  • Online BillPay

Rolling Out

  • Patient Self-Scheduling*
  • Digital Pre-Registration and Paper Free Check-In*
  • Inpatient Engagement and Education
  • Outpatient Engagement and Education*
  • Scheduled Telehealth Visits


  • Provider Finder
  • Health Support Services
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

* Items marked with an asterisk are not currently available at Northern Light Mayo Hospital. These features are anticipated to go-live for Northern Light Mayo Hospital and associated outpatient clinics in [month] 2024, after their electronic health record uplift project has been completed. We will be sharing more information with patients as that project progresses.