Billing Information

COVID-19 Testing

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing is a billed service, please bring your insurance information with you. Uninsured patients, please click to learn more about available discounts and financial assistance.

Free Testing is Still Available

If you are symptomatic and are testing to confirm that you have COVID-19, these tests can still be processed for free by the state lab. Wait times for these results depend on testing demand at the state level. Currently, turnaround is around 48 hours.

Important: COVID-19 testing required before medical procedures cannot be sent out to ensure that results are in hand during a specific time frame.

Use At-Home Tests When Possible

At home tests are easy to access and, when used correctly, are a reliable way to find out if you are COVID-19 positive.

  • All insurance providers are required to cover the cost of eight at-home tests per month. Check with your insurer for details.
  • The state of Maine and the federal government provide free at home tests. Click the links below to get your free tests.