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Mayo Hospital recently completed an overhaul of its patient record system. With this new software, patients within the Mayo Hospital network, including its 12 practice locations throughout the region, will have one record across all locations.

  • We combined all of your medical records into one record – this means safer, faster, and better healthcare for you.

  • One record per patient helps us make better decisions for your health because all your information – medical history, medications, and treatment plans are in one place.

  • Now, you will have 1 record that has all your health information, whether you are at the hospital or your primary care office.

  • This new health records system makes your health records more private and secure. Files are transferred electronically instead of by folder, printouts, or fax.

To access your record, please use this link.

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Secure Online Statement Access and Payment Services

To view or pay your bill online, please visit


Financial Assistance Program

Mayo Hospital is committed to treating all patients who need our care regardless of health insurance or financial status. Learn about Mayo’s Financial Assistance Program.

Mayo Billing: To make a hospital payment by phone or payment arrangements please call 207-564-4301, financial counselor 207-564-1615.  To view or pay your bill online, visit

For your financial safety do not send any credit card information by email. You can send questions and communication to:


Contact us directly with your questions and concerns:

  • 564-4302 – Medicare

  • 564-4305 – Collections

  • 564-4389 – Worker’s compensation, Veteran’s Administration, Prison Health Services, Tricare, Champva, Auto Liability & other Liability cases

  • 564-1615 – Patient Financial Counselor–payment arrangements,  account consolidations (to combine accounts).

  • 564-4309 – Anthem Blue Cross, MaineCare (Maine Medicaid), and out of state Medicaid policies

  • 564-4303 – Commercial insurances including Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, Patient Advocates, United Healthcare, etc.

  • 564-1610 – Medicare Advantage Plans such as Generations Advantage and Aetna.

Mayo Physician Billing is responsible for billing services provided by Mayo Practice Associates providers.  To contact Mayo Physician Billing please call  207-564-4301.

Helpful things to remember when visiting the hospital:

Please remember, it is your responsibility to bring proof of insurance to every visit to the hospital or to the provider practices. Your copayments are expected at the time of your visit.

You will be asked to verify your address, phone number, and other contact information at every visit to ensure that our records are correct.

Know your insurance policy. We post the payments as they come to us. If you have an issue with a deductible or co-payment, please contact your insurance carrier directly, because Mayo does not know the details of individual policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I make a payment for a visit to a Mayo primary care office?

A: Mayo primary care payments can be made in several ways:

  • Pay online by visiting:
  • Mail to 897 West Main Street Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426.
  • By phone please call  207-564-4301.
  • You may also bring your payment to the hospital.

Q: Why did I receive more than one bill for my services?

A: Mayo Hospital owns the offices that make up Mayo Practice Associates.  The billing for the hospital and the practices are done from two different computer systems.  If you received services at the hospital you will receive a bill from the Business Office.  If you received services at one of the practices you will receive a bill from Mayo Physician Billing.

Q: How can I make a payment for a visit to a Mayo Practice Associates office?

A: Mayo Practice Associates payments can be made in several ways:

  • Pay online by visiting
  • Mail your payment to 47 Dwelley Avenue Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426.
  • Contact our billing department at. 207-564-4301.
  • You may also bring your payment Mayo Physician Billing or to the cashier at the hospital.

Q: Why do I have two bills for my x-ray services?

A: You may receive two bills for x-rays done at Mayo Hospital.  The hospital bills for the service and Spectrum Radiology bills for the Radiologist that reads the x-ray.


Glossary of commonly used terms

  • Claim: A bill that is sent to the insurance company.

  • Co-pay: A fixed amount that is paid directly by the patient at the time of the visit.

  • Deductible: A fixed amount of money that the patient must pay before the insurance company will begin to reimburse for services.

  • EOB (Explanation of Benefits): Statement from the insurance company explaining how benefits were applied to accounts.

  • Pre-authorization: Permission granted by the insurance company for certain services to be covered. This request is made by your doctor in most cases before services are rendered. Review your policy to see if this applies to you.

  • Referral: Request for additional care, usually of specialty nature, made by your Primary Care Provider. (Example: Physical Therapy).

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP): The provider responsible for the majority of your healthcare



The following Web site links provide helpful information for beneficiaries and insured members. Some Web sites, such as, allow members to monitor their claims through a secured access.