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See what your vote can do - Tanzania Donations

Date: 06/20/2023

The Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Community Volunteer Impact Team (CVIT) is a group of motivated and passionate employees who go out and do good in our community through various engagements. The CVIT also works with many internal teams at EMMC when they have a desire to help our community. Normally the work of this group focuses on our community benefit goals of social determinants of health, support for those with substance use disorders, and mental health services, particularly for members of our own team and youth within the community. Occasionally, an opportunity of generosity presents itself in an unusual, and sometimes global, way.

With funds raised through voting on holiday trees in the Emergency Department, the team petitioned to support Next Smile Kindergarten, a group that provides meals and education to children in a small area of Tanzania. Their generous giving allowed leaders of Next Smile Kindergarten to build a kitchen to prepare food for the students and provide two meals a day for these children for a couple of months. How is that for impacting food insecurity within our extended global community?