Date: 08/18/2021

Preserving the Promise for the Next Century of Care
By Stuart and Craig Watt

As you drive into Greenville on Route 15 and reach the top of the hill, you are met with one of the more beautiful views of the lake. It’s simple to pull off to the right and snap a few photos. Conveniently, when you do, you’ll find yourself in the parking lot of a well-known “one-stop shop,” Indian Hill Trading Post and Shop ’n Save.

Indian Hill is our family business. It’s one of the largest employers in the region, providing jobs to more than 60 people. Hundreds of thousands of loyal locals, seasonal residents, and tourists come through the store each year. We swap stories, talk about our families, and chat about what’s happening in town. And we all share something in common: we know that our community is a special place, and the peace of mind that our hospital provides is a big reason why.

When we were growing up in Greenville, CA Dean’s Emergency Department was there for us when we broke a bone or had a stomachache. Our primary care provider was just a phone call away. Today, the hospital is more important than ever to us. We raise our families here in confidence knowing that the hospital is just a few minutes away.

CA Dean is also an economic engine for our community for so many, employing around 180 dedicated, caring professionals. Our school system, Indian Hill, and many other businesses are stronger because of our hospital.

As healthcare continues to evolve, we need to improve our hospital so that we can continue to count on CA Dean for the next 100 years and beyond. Our family decided to give to the campaign to support CA Dean’s modernization because we know how important healthcare is for this region, and without the help of our entire community, we simply cannot build a new hospital.

We have confidence in our community. We have confidence in our hospital. We are a team, and we all need each other to continue to thrive.

As a family, we realize the importance of the local hospital to our community and school system and that’s why we decided to pledge $150,000 over five years to support this campaign. We encourage you to join us in preserving the promise. 

Stuart, Lea, and Craig Watt are owners of Indian Hill Trading Post. Stuart is the Board Vice Chair at Northern Light C.A. Dean Hospital and Craig is a member of the Campaign Committee.