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Northern Light Joint Center of Excellence is a comprehensive total joint replacement program dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and safest surgery that meets or exceeds national standards. We offer a full range of total and partial joint surgical services including minimally invasive surgery, computer assisted surgery, oncologic surgery, and revision surgery

When you choose Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, you can rest assured that you’re receiving outstanding care while remaining close to your home and family. We take a team approach to customizing a program that meets your individual needs. Our care team will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide the support you need to get back to enjoying life.

When it’s time to pursue joint replacement surgery, our team is here to help.

Whether you suffer from debilitating arthritis or sustained a sports injury to your hip or knee, living with joint pain can significantly limit your ability to enjoy an active life. For more than 35 years, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's orthopedic joint surgeons have been repairing and replacing hips and knees. Our experienced team uses the latest innovations and state-of-art technology, such as minimally invasive and computer-assisted technology, to help fix or replace joints.

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The staff at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center realizes that our patients are most comfortable at home.

We understand that you don't want to be in the hospital or in a skilled nursing facility to continue your rehabilitation after surgery. Our care managers will work with you to get you home as quickly as possible. It's important to understand that your home needs to be a safe environment for you. It will be a while before you can manage walking up several flights of stairs, for example. If you're going home, you'll need family and friends available to help you out with some basic needs, and to assist with travel to your therapy and doctor's appointments. Your insurance coverage will also play a role in determining the level of assistance available to you after you leave the Medical Center.

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  • Discharge to home with appointments with physical therapy in a clinic - This may depend on the availability of a therapy clinic close to where you live. If you live in the Bangor area there are many choices including Northern Light Rehabilitation on Hammond Street in Bangor which offers easy access, full services, and continuity of care from Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. 

  • Discharge to home with home nursing services and therapy coming to your home - If you live in the Bangor area there are many choices including Bangor Area Visiting Nurses on Union Street in Bangor.

  • Transfer to a skilled nursing facility for continued therapy at a more intensive level than would occur if discharged to home - Most of our patients who go skilled nursing facilities usually stay one to two weeks. If you live in the Bangor region we have made arrangements with Ross Manor to have beds available for our joint replacement patients at the time of discharge.

  • Transfer to Acute Rehabilitation - This is usually only an option for patients who have had more complex surgeries, such as doing both knees at once. Patients must be able to actively participate in therapy for three hours a day.

  • If you live outside the greater Bangor area - If you live outside the greater Bangor and wish to complete your rehabilitation at home or use services or a facility closer to home, our care managers will assist you in making those arrangements.

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Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is a leading medical center in New England. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing excellent care to our patients and their families. Northern Light Joint Center of Excellence is comprised of a team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, technicians, care managers, and rehabilitation specialists who work with you and your family to ensure you receive the very best care available to get you up and going again.

In addition to our team, there are many others whom you'll meet – registration staff, transporters, housekeepers, engineers, and volunteers, to name a few. Everyone should introduce themselves to you and what they will be doing. Our staff is dedicated to your well being and providing a healing environment. 

Only you know your individual needs and expectations. We'll ask you about your priorities and what excellent care means to you during your stay. We will note these on a board in your room and we'll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Your nurses will check with you daily to make sure we are meeting your expectations. We value your observations and will use them to sustain good practices and reevaluate those that are not meeting your needs. Please share any concerns or issues you have with your nurses at any time.

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  • Performs more than 500 total hip and knee replacements a year.

  • Has virtually eliminated the need to give blood transfusions for joint surgery.

  • Is certified by The Joint Commission for hip and knee replacement surgery. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is proud to be the first hospital in Maine to earn the gold seal of approval for joint replacement quality and safety.

  • The program has been certified with a top survey by The Joint Commission since 2011.

  • Is committed to ensuring we follow nationally recognized standards of care.

  • Is dedicated to the prevention of post- operative complications such as wound infections.


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