Northern Light Primary Care is convenient and connected to your needs. You can make an appointment online now.

Northern Light Primary Care provides the highest quality preventive medicine and primary care for you and your family. Our 65 primary care locations throughout Maine make care convenient, and we’re starting to schedule appoints online statewide to make it easier than ever to connect to care close to home. 

Click on a location below to learn more about the services and providers in your area. Primary care providers at Northern Light Mercy Hospital (greater Portland region), Inland Hospital (Waterville region), Sebasticook Valley Hospital (Pittsfield), and CA Dean Hospital (Greenville) have online appointment scheduling. Click on the Schedule Now button to make an appointment today.

If you need care right away or you’re on-the-go, Northern Light Walk-In Care and Northern Light Virtual Walk-In Care are even more convenient and coordinate with your regular Northern Light Primary Care provider (you don’t need to be a current primary care patient to use Walk-In or Virtual Walk-In Care).


Online scheduling is available at most Northern Light Health locations!

Schedule your mammogram, primary care, or pediatric appointment including:

  • New patient appointments
  • Sick/urgent care appointments for established patients
  • Annual wellness
  • Nurse visits (including blood pressure checks and vaccinations)

Primary Care

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Seeing Your Primary Care Team or Walk In Care Has Big Benefits

  1. It can save you money.
    Primary care and walk in care charge less than emergency rooms for care. If it’s an emergency or a life-threatening situation, please call 9-1-1 or go to the ER. But for other cases, primary care and walk-in care are less expensive and often faster.
  2. It’s part of your health history.
    Your Northern Light Primary Care team keeps your health history in our electronic medical records. If you use Northern Light Walk-In Care or Virtual Walk-In Care, it’s all connected, so your Northern Light Primary Care provider can follow up if you need it.
  3. It’s convenient.
    With Primary Care locations all over Maine, there’s going to be one close to you. We have eight Walk-In Care locations, and Northern Light Virtual Walk-In Care is as close as your phone, computer, or tablet, as long as you’re in Maine when you need care.
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Keep Your Health on Track with Regular Checkups

Your healthcare routine should be part of your self-care routine.

Think of your healthcare visits as part of self-care, it’s as important as eating right, getting enough sleep, and getting regular exercise to lead a long and healthy life.

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