Frequently Asked Questions about working at Northern Light Health

How do I apply for a job position?

For first time users, use the search options to identify positions that interest you. Click on the title of the position to read the description. Then scroll down to the end, click “Apply,” and choose from the different options.
If you are applying for a position and you are not a current employee, click “Yes” when prompted to confirm “External Application Confirm.”

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How do I get notified whenever a new job is posted?

You have the option to create a "job alert" that will notify you by e-mail whenever a new job is posted that matches your job search criteria.

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How does Northern Light Health contribute to a retirement plan for its employees?

We recognize the importance of planning for financial security in retirement. We are pleased to offer all employees the opportunity to participate in a 403(b) or 401(k) retirement savings plan. Employees who meet certain eligibility criteria will receive company matching contributions and core contributions to these plans and the Northern Light Health Retirement Partnership Plan. Physicians and select executives are also eligible to participate in the Northern Light Health 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.

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What is the application process?

STEP 1:  Create a Profile and Apply

After you have found your desired position(s), create a candidate profile and apply online at careers.northernlighthealth.org. Feel free to apply for more than one job opportunity using your candidate profile.

STEP 2:  Application Review

We evaluate all applications based on overall experience, education, and skill. If your profile best matches our needs for the job, you'll be contacted regarding next steps.
Please know that due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to reach out personally to every candidate.

STEP 3:  Interview Process and Referencing

The interview process typically begins with an interview with a hiring manager. If it is determined that you are a potential match for the job, additional interviews may be scheduled. Once you have been selected for an interview we will begin the referencing process. You will receive an email with information on how to provide references. You will then send the email to past (or present) managers and co-workers. They will be filling out a survey with questions about your performance, which will assist us in assessing your fit with our organization.

STEP 4:  Selection Notification

A recruiter will notify you if you have been selected for the position. If you are not chosen, do not get discouraged. We have many open jobs at Northern Light Health – and one might be the right fit for you.

STEP 5:  Pre-Employment Checks

As a condition of employment, you will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment drug-screening test, as well as a background check. You will also need to meet certain immunization requirements by providing immunization records or having titers to prove immunity or obtain the proper immunizations. You recruiter will provide further instructions.

STEP 6:  Welcome to the team!

Once your offer letter is received and all pre-employment checks are completed, you will be an Northern Light Health employee as of your hire date indicated in your offer letter. Your recruiter will explain all next steps and set you up with New Hire Orientation to ensure you get off to the best start possible.

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What is the employee wellness program at Northern Light Health?

Taking care of our own health and wellness is an important part of being able to comprehensively care for our patients and communities—if we are not healthy, we will not be able to live up to our mission. Northern Light Total Health is our employee wellness program, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our employees and our organizations so we may live healthy, happy lives and better fulfill our commitment to our communities. This comprehensive program offers three progressive levels of programming based on your terms of employment.

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What is the first thing I should do if I am applying for a job at Northern Light Health?

If you are applying for the first time, register by creating a user name and password. If you have previously been to careers.northernlighthealth.org and created a user name and password, sign in and proceed with the application. You will be able to use a resume to pre-fill portions of your application or you can type in information. Going forward, you will be able to use this profile to apply to other positions. Make sure you update cover letters if needed.

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Who do I contact if I need special accommodations during the hiring process?

If you feel you need special accommodations during the recruitment or hiring process, please contact us at talent@northernlighthealth.org.

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Why do I have to apply for each position I’m interested and qualified for?

If you have created a profile, much of your information will be pre-populated. However, the pre-screening questions and skills are specific to each job opening.

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