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Cardiac telemonitoring system replacement 

AR Gould Hospital’s cardiac telemonitoring system is an important tool that allows the care team to understand each patient’s condition and the best “next steps” in care. The system monitors heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen levels.
The hospital’s telemonitoring system will soon reach the end of its useful life and will need to be replaced and expanded. While it continues to be fully functional, support from the manufacturer will end, and the individual units that are used to monitor patients may not be repairable, which may stretch the hospital’s limited supply of monitors.
AR Gould Hospital Foundation has raised more than $220,000 to replace this critically important technology. The replacement includes purchasing the central monitoring system, the receivers that connect each patient with the system, and the software licenses and computer technology needed to operate the system.

Philanthropic support is a key element in bringing the next generation of cardiac telemonitoring to our hospital. 

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