The Next Century of Care:
Keeping Our Promise

The Campaign for Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital.

The Next Century of Care:
Keeping Our Promise


Our Challenge

At Blue Hill Hospital, we’ve strengthened our primary care services, improved access to specialty care services, and maintained high quality inpatient and skilled nursing care in recent years within our hospital building. Our care teams have provided exceptional care for patients in a facility that was not built for the kind of healthcare we deliver today.

Our hospital building has served us well for nearly a century, but now it is showing its age. Costly repairs are becoming more frequent, and renovating the building is not a practical option.

Keeping Our Promise is our plan for the next century of care in Blue Hill, centered around a new hospital which will serve as a healthcare hub for our community.


Our Plans

Our vision for the future of healthcare in Blue Hill includes a new acute care hospital with a modern, comfortable, patient and family-friendly environment for healing. The new hospital will include:
  • Private inpatient rooms for an improved patient and visitor experience
    • Up-to-date technology
    • Infection prevention enhancements
    • Private bathroom with shower
    • Ample space for the care team
  • Full-service emergency department with 24/7 coverage and private space for patients and families
  • Primary care and select specialty care
  • Imaging
  • Lab
  • Rehabilitation services and cardiac rehab

Blue Hill Exterior Rendering
Blue Hill Exterior Rendering
Blue Hill Exterior Rendering
Blue Hill Interior Rendering
Quote from Scott and Ruth Miller

Together, We Can Keep Our Promise


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