Antibiotic Awareness

AS-header-2.jpgCan you imagine a world without antibiotics? A cut or a scrape could become life-threatening. Major surgery would be much riskier. Organ transplants would be significantly less safe.

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria develop the ability to defeat the drugs designed to kill them. Antibiotic resistance can occur when antibiotics are prescribed or used inappropriately. When we use antibiotics responsibly, we ensure that they will continue to be effective against serious, life-threatening diseases. 

Antibiotics save lives, but they are only needed for treating certain infections caused by bacteria. If an antibiotic is not needed, your healthcare provider will offer a treatment plan that will help you or your family member get relief from symptoms.

Questions to ask your provider:
  • Are these symptoms caused by bacteria, a virus, or something else?
  • Is an antibiotic the appropriate treatment?
  • What treatments are available to help me or my family member feel better?
  • What can my family do to stay healthy in the future?

Become antibiotics aware: