How to be unhappy

Monday, February 03, 2020

How to Be Unhappy:

-  stay inside all day
-  move as little as possible
-  spend more than you earn
-  take yourself (and life) too seriously
-  look for reasons why things won’t work
-  always consume, never contribute
-  resent the lucky and successful
-  never say hello first
-  be unreliable

Invert for Happiness:

-  get outside each day 
-  move: walk, exercise, dance 
-  spend less than you earn 
-  view life as play 
-  be the one who looks for solutions 
-  develop a bias to contribute and create 
-  learn from the lucky and successful 
-  be the first to say hello 
-  be reliable


Be honest: what are your best strategies for unhappiness from the list above? I’d have to say mine is….taking myself and life too seriously.


James Clear, who cracked the code for habit-building, figured out this formula for unhappiness and how, logically, the inversion would therefore be the formula for happiness. These tactics seem super solid and pretty universal, but we all could probably add a few to the list specific to ourselves. I could most certainly contribute, “perpetuate an imprisoning fiction that keeps me on the defensive.” Yeah, that would probably be my best strategy.


What about you? What’s your best strategy for being unhappy?