Off to work we go

Keeping our people close

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The first thing we think of bringing to a new workspace is probably a photo of our family and possibly even our pets. With or without a stationary workspace, we carry them around in our pockets or our purse. We just like to keep them with us on some level as we go about our day, and if things get hairy, well, we have them to hang onto.
At this stage in life we probably have outgrown the bulk of our separation anxiety, but it’s still just nice to rest our eyes on the people we love at random points throughout the day. It feels good and anchors us in some way. But the curious thing? We’re the grown-ups but we send our babies off to daycare and school all by themselves. I never thought about this until I asked a co-worker who had just recently returned to the workforce how everyone in her family was adjusting. She said sending her son off to daycare with a photo of the family and their pet in his backpack really helped. If he got lonely or sad, he could just take a peek at the photos.
Of course! What a progressive idea! But now I’m thinking about my poor grown-up, picture-less kids…seatbelts and car seats were all I could offer them to keep them anchored in place on the way to school.
Nowadays, maybe packing kids off for their day with a family photo is already a thing, but if it isn’t I’m passing this great idea along as a matter of safety -- a modern day seatbelt for the emotions.