The simple truth

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A co-worker had to move in a snowstorm a couple of days ago, deal with a shocking amount of other assorted house selling and buying disasters, while also getting up every 4 hours to apply drops to his 2-year old daughter’s ruptured eardrum. He’s pretty darn exhausted. He’s also hanging onto perspective as his lifeline as a way to ride this through. After blowing off some steam by updating a couple of co-workers on the latest domestic adversity, he found his way to this simple truth: “I’ve got a beautiful new house, a daughter who is feeling better and the prospect that I may reliably get to count on unbroken sleep soon. In the end, I’m fortunate to have the problems I have.”
It’s easy to get trapped in the narrow focus of a current bad situation. Not to put a shine on the bad stuff, but to help crank the view back open so as to see the full picture, the wellness question of the day is:
In one specific situation you are grappling with right now, in consideration of the entirety of your life, what, on balance, is the simple truth? Boil it down.

The simple truth is ____________________________________________.