A new measure of happy

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

"Happy" New Year! Saying that that has a whole different ring this year. We want to be happy but we’re kind of preparing not to be. It’s like we’re living by an entirely new measure for happy nowadays, which got me thinking about what exactly this measure of happy would look like on any given day.
For instance, if at the start of the day I wrote this I were to have decided what a realistic, achievable measure of happy for the day would look like for me, it would have centered around these things:
  1. Getting the Q1 program flyer drafted
  2. Eating one or more delicious things
  3. Getting some new grandkid photos
  4. Sitting on the couch at the end of the day with my sweetie
Even if the day in total would ultimately qualify as a bad one, if any of my four pre-determined measures of happy were fulfilled, then happiness happened. It is now a proven fact: a happiness happened, a happiness which can’t be un-had, even if the day was bad.

Having a measure for happiness and making a fact of it happening feels important right now, useful to see and acknowledge. The key is in the pre-determination; without that there is no new and adjusted measure. Without a new and adjusted measure we could be tricked us into thinking there isn’t much to be happy about given, you know, everything.

So what’s your measure of happiness for tomorrow? I could recycle a bunch of mine because I always want measures 2 – 4, but tomorrow, to make it special, my measure of happiness will also include increasing my automatic biweekly contribution to my emergency fund. See? I told you. We’re working on a whole new measure of happy these days! But it’s still genuine happy.
I hope you determine a few measures of happiness for today and that you have at least some of those!