Tapping into the good

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

One day some time ago I had a sadness and with that sadness came the strangest sense that it wasn’t mine specifically so much as me having tapped into the world’s supply of it. That is, even though something going on in my life was the conduit, the sadness itself came from the world’s common pool of sadness we all share in.
This sensation of “non-ownership” didn’t last but for that sad day I felt unified, peaceful and in the comforting company of others. What did last, however, was the conviction that a common pool of sadness is always there whether anything in our lives happens to be in alignment with the energy of that pool on any given day or not. I then logically came away with the companion conviction that joy, beauty and fun must also be constants in the world, too, whether our lives are currently aligned with those graces or not. It would only follow.
That’s what this past summer’s Q3 Life is Still Good Photo Challenge was all about – seeing if we could tap into the world’s constant store of joy, beauty and fun despite the fact that we are all suffering as we make our way through this pandemic.
And guess what? We did! Just look at how good life still is in this photo album of all the Life is Still Good collage entries. On the one hand the world can come apart at the seams; on the other there is still pink bubblegum. There are still green caterpillars. There is still family and music, flowers and sunrises, pets and bicycles.
Enjoy the glorious photos! It's a delight to get to photographically tag along with our co-workers on their adventures, basking a little in the light and love radiating from their collages.

And may you, too, find within something in alignment with what is good, joyful, beautiful and fun sometime today.