Going with the good – 4th Quarter holiday joy

As we enter the frenzy of the holiday season,  join us for a walk on “the good side.” Every day the good is there somewhere, with or without us. This Northern Light Total Health program is all about looking at life in its entire complexity—the  good, the bad and the ugly—and  then making a deliberate decision to go with the good angle. 

Each Monday, there will be a new Going with the Good assignment to frame up a week of good stuff, along with a weekly message about life on the good side. 

For the next eight weeks, I invite you to accept the challenge to get in the “good” spirit. If you’d like to participate and have the program materials emailed directly to you, sign up here. Otherwise, the assignments and communications will be posted each to this website.

If you have questions or comments, email Elizabeth Clayton, Total Health wellness specialist, at eclayton@northernlight.org.