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LiveSAFE Response Service

Do you, or a loved one, live alone or is left alone for extended periods by a caregiver? Do you have limitations performing regular activities like showering or going to the bathroom? Do you have a history of falls or are you physically frail? We can help. LiveSAFE provides peace of mind for you and your family.

LiveSAFE is a home-based personal emergency response. A touch of the LiveSAFE alert button immediately connects you to our health professionals, for a quick response to any emergency. Our service is staffed 24/7, so you or your family are never alone when you need help.

For about a dollar a day, you get peace of mind and security. You're not required to pay an installation fee, buy any equipment, or make a long-term commitment.

LiveSAFE Personal Emergency Response Service provides peace of mind for you and your family. In addition to the one-touch button, we have a no-touch option for falls or if you haven’t moved for a long time.

LiveSAFE personal emergency response is not just for medical emergencies. The service is ideal for seniors, adults and children with disabilities, and those with short-term needs. The LiveSAFE alert button allows you to answer the telephone without having to rush and risk falling, and to summon help from the police or fire department.

LiveSAFE medical alert services are based in Maine and are coordinated by staff at Northern Light Health facilities. We proudly serve communities in Aroostook, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, and Waldo Counties.