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Telehealth-476768140-(1).jpgWhen you are separated by time or distance, being able to connect with a healthcare provider by computer or smartphone can improve the continuity of your care. 

At Northern Light Telehealth, we provide both direct telecare and indirect telemonitoring services. This includes real-time interactive services that include televideo consultations between you and a care provider.

With Northern Light Telehealth, we bring care to where you are.

Northern Light Telehealth services


Someone who cares is just a phone call away.

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Telemonitoring uses information technology to remotely monitor your health status. A device would collect clinical information such as blood pressure or respiration while you are home. An example...

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LiveSAFE Response Service

LiveSAFE is a home-based personal emergency response. A touch of the LiveSAFE alert button immediately connects you to our health professionals, for a quick response to any emergency. Our service is staffed 24/7, so you or your family are never alone when you need help.

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