Abdominal Vessels Ultrasound

An Abdominal Vessels Ultrasound is an exam to look at the vessels within the abdomen by using sound waves. Here is what you will experience:

PREPARATION: Nothing to eat or drink eight hours prior to exam time. No chewing gum, smoking, or tobacco as well. If medications are needed you may take these with small sips of water.

PROCEDURE: You will lie on your back on the ultrasound stretcher for much of the exam. You may be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time. Warm acoustic gel is spread over the abdomen so that when the ultrasound probe is placed on your stomach, sound waves can be transmitted. The ultrasound probe is passed back and forth over the area of interest in order to take pictures of the vessels. You may here swishing sounds coming from the ultrasound machine; this is simply the sonographer listening to the blood flow of your vessels.

This exam will take approximately 60 minutes