Infusion Care

Infusion is the term for the intravenous delivery of medications through injection, often called chemotherapy. We understand it’s not something you may not look forward to, but it’s a key part of a treatment plan for many different types of cancer. At Northern Light Cancer Care , our goal is to ensure you get the latest treatment regimens, administered by expert staff, at a facility close to home.

Our infusion care is close to home

Infusion services are most often  performed at one of the many labs throughout our system.  There’s probably one near you, so you can get the treatment you need quickly and conveniently close to home on an outpatient basis.

Caring, experienced staff

Infusion — chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and similar cancer treatments — can make people anxious, but at Northern Light Cancer Care, we’re here for you!  Our experienced nursing staff works to make sure you’re comfortable and understand your personalized treatment plan. Healthier starts here .