Intellectual Property

Discoveries resulting from creative work in healthcare may result in valuable intellectual property. Northern Light Health and its Members have a common interest in protecting and capitalizing on intellectual property through the use of patents and copyrights. Northern Light Health assumes right, title and interest in all inventions and related intellectual property created by its employees.

The Northern Light Health Office of Innovation (43 Whiting Hill Road, Suite 500, Brewer, Maine, 04412) oversees the commercialization of technologies created at Northern Light Health and its Member organizations. Employees are required to notify the Office of Innovation of any inventions or other forms of intellectual property in accordance with Northern Light Health policy, Innovations, Inventions and Patents (10-016).

Copyright is the ownership and control of the intellectual property in original works of authorship that are subject to copyright law. It is the policy of Northern Light Health that all rights in copyright shall remain with the creator unless the work is a work‐for‐hire (and copyright vests in Northern Light Health under copyright law), is supported by a direct allocation of funds through Northern Light Health for the pursuit of a specific project, is commissioned by Northern Light Health, makes significant use of Northern Light Health resources or personnel, or is otherwise subject to contractual obligations.