What are the risks and benefits of participating?

Clinical trials offer many benefits to participants, including the opportunity: to be proactive with their healthcare, to take advantage of new treatments before they are available to the public, and to help advance new technologies or medical knowledge.

Before you participate in the study, a member of the research team will explain the potential risks and benefits to you. Researchers always try to minimize the risks involved in clinical trials.

These risks could include: 
  • Potential discomforts associated with experimental treatments

  • Possible deviation from the study protocol which could result in patient harm

  • Failure to benefit from treatment

  • Side effects resulting from the treatment

  • Participation in a trial may be demanding and time consuming

Each particular study will have different risks which will be explained to participants before the study begins. There are also benefits to participating in clinical trials.

These benefits could include: 
  • Gaining access to new medications and interventions prior to general availability

  • An ability to take a more active role in your own healthcare decisions

  • The opportunity to help others by contributing to your time and effort