Enhancing Student Wellbeing Through School Liaison Case Management

Welcome to the realm of Behavioral Health Home (BHH) School Liaison Case Management – a comprehensive and compassionate approach to fostering mental and developmental wellbeing for students. Our initiative aims to illuminate the invaluable role of the Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC) School Liaison and its impact on students, schools, and communities across Maine.

Holistic Support for Students' Growth

Behavioral Health Home (Case Management) School Liaison, also known as BHH School Liaison Case Management, offers a holistic and integrated form of psychiatric and developmental case management. With a focus on student wellbeing, this program is proudly supported by MaineCare and driven by the shared vision of Northern Light Acadia Hospital and partnering schools.

Empowering Schools Through Partnership

Our BHH School Liaison Case Management program extends an invitation to schools seeking a profound partnership in promoting student mental health and development. Through a Memorandum of Understanding, schools can collaborate with us to provide enhanced support for students facing behavioral health challenges.

A Day Dedicated to Support

With every six shared Behavioral Health Home clients within a school, a dedicated Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC) is allocated up to a full day on-site. During this time, the BHC works closely with the school's identified BHH clients, providing personalized and tailored assistance to address their unique needs. Beyond serving the BHH clients, the BHC School Liaison becomes a valuable resource for school staff and families, offering guidance on community resources and support.

Seamless Transitions, Bright Futures

The role of the BHC School Liaison extends to facilitating smooth transitions for students – from their school environment to any relevant Acadia programs and vice versa. This ensures that students receive continuous care and support, fostering their growth and progress.

A Promise of Collaboration

As we forge ahead, dedicated to improving student wellbeing, we invite you to explore the world of BHH School Liaison Case Management. Through collaboration, compassion, and comprehensive care, we are committed to creating a brighter and healthier future for students, schools, and communities in Maine.

Stay connected to this page for updates and insights into the transformative impact of BHH School Liaison Case Management. Together, we are shaping a positive path for our students and empowering them to thrive.

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