Empowerment and Growth: Join the Build Your Skills Youth Group Therapy

Welcome to the empowering world of the Build Your Skills youth group therapy, a safe and inclusive space for young individuals in Grades 4-6 (Ages: 9-12) to learn, connect, and build essential life skills. Our program is designed to foster positive interpersonal connections, enhance coping abilities, and boost self-esteem.

Nurturing Personal Growth

Adolescence is a pivotal time for personal growth and skill development. Our Build Your Skills group therapy aims to provide young participants of all genders with the tools they need to navigate social interactions, make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and handle conflicts in healthy and constructive ways.

Unlocking Potential Through Positive Coping

Led by experienced facilitator Christine Bubar, LCSW, our sessions focus on unlocking the potential within each participant by teaching them valuable coping skills and strategies. The goal is to help youth develop a strong foundation for resilience, emotional regulation, and effective communication.

Creating Strong Foundations

Every Wednesday from 4to 5 p.m., the Build Your Skills group sessions offer a platform for participants to engage in interactive activities, discussions, and skill-building exercises. Through these experiences, young individuals can develop the essential social and emotional tools that will serve as strong foundations for their future success.

Empowering Decision-Making

We believe that empowering young individuals to make thoughtful decisions and navigate social interactions is key to their overall wellbeing. The Build Your Skills youth group therapy encourages participants to explore alternatives to aggression, effectively manage their emotions, and respond positively to challenging situations.

Join Us on Wednesdays, 4-5 p.m.

If you're looking for a nurturing and empowering environment for your child to learn and grow, the Build Your Skills youth group therapy is here to support their journey. Under the guidance of Christine Bubar, LCSW, participants will experience a transformative program designed to enhance their social skills and self-esteem.

Equip Your Child for Success

Our program is an opportunity for young individuals to enhance their emotional intelligence, develop strong social connections, and learn valuable life skills that will serve them well into the future. The Build Your Skills youth group therapy is dedicated to empowering your child to become a confident and capable individual.

More Information and Enrollment

Call our Behavioral Health Resource Center at 1-800-640-1211 or 207-973-6100 for more information and to learn more about enrollment.

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