Empowering Maine's Youth through Pediatric Group Therapy

Welcome to Northern Light Behavioral Health's Pediatric Group Therapy program, where young individuals in Maine find a supportive and empowering space to navigate challenges, build skills, and foster positive growth. Our mission is to provide a range of group therapy options tailored to address various aspects of youth wellbeing, ensuring that every participant has the tools they need to thrive.

Your Path to Resilience and Empowerment

We understand that the journey through adolescence comes with its unique set of challenges. Our Pediatric Group Therapy sessions offer a safe and inclusive environment for young individuals to come together, share experiences, and develop essential life skills. From managing stressors to building healthy relationships, our groups are designed to guide participants toward resilience and empowerment.

Calming Activities and Coping Skills

Our group therapy sessions provide a space for participants to end their day on a positive note. Through calming activities, discussions about stressors, and the learning of coping skills, we equip young individuals with tools to manage their emotions and stress across various settings. The focus on communication and coping skills empowers them to face challenges with confidence.

Diverse Range of Options

We recognize that each young person's needs are unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of group therapy options, including:

  • LGBTQ+IA Support and Empowerment: A space for exploring identity, building healthy relationships, and finding peer support in a welcoming environment.
  • Recovery Support: Guiding young individuals toward a recovery journey, promoting empowerment, motivation, and the development of positive habits.
  • Social Skills Development: Fostering skills to work in teams, make informed decisions, handle conflicts, and manage emotions in healthy ways.
  • Trauma Recovery: Providing support and healing for those who have experienced traumatic events, fostering growth and recovery.
  • Eating Disorder Recovery: A supportive setting for those actively working on their eating disorder recovery journey.

Nurturing Growth and Healing

At Northern Light Behavioral Health, we believe in nurturing the growth and healing of Maine's youth. Our Pediatric Group Therapy program offers a platform for young individuals to connect, learn, and grow together. Our compassionate therapists lead these groups, ensuring that participants receive the guidance and support they need.

Your Journey Starts Here

If you're seeking a supportive community where your child can develop essential skills, connect with peers, and embrace their potential, we invite you to explore our Pediatric Group Therapy offerings. Together, we can build a brighter future for Maine's youth. Contact us today to begin your journey toward empowerment and wellbeing.

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Call our Behavioral Health Resource Center at 1-800-640-1211 or 207-973-6100

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