Northern Light Acadia Hospital is the only program in eastern and northern Maine to provide Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), and the only program in central Maine to offer ECT as part of a full continuum of care.

Electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, can provide rapid, significant improvements in severe symptoms of several mental health conditions. ECT is used to treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Severe depression, particularly when accompanied by detachment from reality (psychosis), a desire to commit suicide, or refusal to eat.
  • Treatment-resistant depression, a severe depression that doesn't improve with medications or other treatments.
  • Severe mania, a state of intense euphoria, agitation, or hyperactivity that occurs as part of bipolar disorder. Other signs of mania include impaired decision-making, impulsive or risky behavior, substance use, and psychosis.
  • Catatonia, characterized by lack of movement, fast or strange movements, lack of speech, and other symptoms. It's associated with schizophrenia and certain other psychiatric disorders. In some cases, catatonia is caused by a medical illness.
  • Agitation and aggression in people with dementia, which can be difficult to treat and negatively affect quality of life.

ECT may be a good treatment option when medications aren't tolerated, or other forms of therapy haven't worked. In some cases, ECT is used:

  • During pregnancy, when medications can't be taken because they might harm the developing fetus.
  • In older adults who can't tolerate drug side effects.
  • In people who prefer ECT treatments over taking medications.
  • When ECT has been successful in the past.

Our service is easy to access and provides a friendly and comfortable environment for our patients and his or her family members. We also provide family education, which enhances the patient’s recovery.

To learn more about Northern Light Acadia Hospital’s ECT program, call our Behavioral Health Resource Center at 207-973-6100 and we will be glad to connect you with a member of our experienced and compassionate ECT team.


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