Elevating Maine's Legacy: Join the Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging & Health (MAINAH)

Welcome to a movement that celebrates the heart and soul of Maine – its people. Just as our state's landscape captivates with its natural beauty, the individuals who call Maine home embody wisdom, hope, and kindness. At Northern Light Health, we're harnessing these qualities to create something transformative – a community united under the banner of the Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging & Health, affectionately known as MAINAH.

Uniting for Healthy Brain Aging

As Mainers, we understand the value of community and collective efforts. The Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging & Health is a statewide interest group dedicated to fostering healthy brain aging, addressing memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and related disorders. MAINAH brings together individuals from all corners of the state who are committed to enhancing brain health and preserving independence as we age.

A Hub of Knowledge and Empowerment

At Northern Light Health, we believe that knowledge is empowerment. By becoming a part of MAINAH, you're gaining access to a hub of information, resources, and support that will keep you informed about the latest research and services related to brain and cognitive health right here in Maine. Our goal is to empower you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your wellbeing and that of your loved ones.

Opportunities for Impact and Participation

MAINAH is not just a registry – it's a platform for action and participation. By joining MAINAH, you're signaling your willingness to contribute to brain aging-related research that could pave the way for advancements in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Every voice matters and together, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of fellow Mainers.

Embrace the Power of Unity: Register for MAINAH Today

Are you ready to be a part of a movement that celebrates Maine's legacy and contributes to the wellbeing of its people? Join us in embracing the Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging & Health. Register today and become a driving force in the journey toward healthier brain aging, greater independence, and a more vibrant future for all Mainers.

Let Northern Light Health be your guide, your advocate, and your partner on this transformative path. Through MAINAH, you're not just joining a registry – you're becoming a catalyst for positive change in the lives of our community members and the generations that follow.


Please email MAINAH@northernlight.org for questions, further information, or comments. Thank you.

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