Episode 28: Surviving and Recovering from Domestic Violence.

While the beginning of October usually greets us with an abundance of apples, pumpkins and beautiful fall foliage, it’s also an important time to raise awareness around domestic violence. On this episode of Tim Talk, Tim invites Amanda Cost, executive director for Partners for Peace and Christine Matson, Environmental Services supervisor, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, two women working to bring positive change through dialogue and action. As a child, Christine grew up in a home with domestic violence and shares her experience as a survivor as well as her mother’s role in influencing change in New Hampshire. Amanda returns to Tim Talk as a guest to discuss Partners for Peace’s comprehensive work in the Bangor community to help and support victims of domestic violence move forward on a better path. Tim also reflects on the connection between workplace violence and domestic violence and the lessons we can take from Partners for Peace to make our workplace an even more safe and supportive place to be.

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