Episode 20: Native American Spirituality and Medicine

In Native American tradition, spirituality plays a significant role in the balance and wholeness of who we are as well as the interconnectedness of the world around us. This week, Tim talks with Pamella Hand, IS Infrastructure admin and billing lead for Northern Light Health about Native American spirituality and medicine. Pam is Yanktonai, Dakota and a tribal member of Crow Creek Reservation, South Dakota. She shares why a segment of the song “Fairy Dust” is played at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center on the overhead paging system every time a new baby is born. In addition, she explains the delicate balance that Native Americans must practice between traditional and modern medicine as well as important takeaways from Native American culture that we can all embrace in serving this community. Tim discusses the importance of “oneness” and the ultimate goal of becoming one Northern Light Health with a culture of caring for one another.

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