Episode 19: The history of racism and segregation in the medical profession

This week, Tim welcomes James Fullwood, DPM, podiatrist, Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital, and member of Northern Light Health’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council to speak about the history of racism and segregation in the medical profession. Dr. Fullwood is a delegate of the historic National Medical Association (NMA) which promotes the collective interests of physicians and patients of African descent. He is also the creator of the Maine Medical Society, which is a local affiliate of the NMA. In addition, Dr. Fullwood has developed an international podiatry program and has traveled to Nigeria to teach in medical schools, conduct academic research, and influence politics in an effort to promote parity in medicine for underserved populations. In this episode, Dr. Fullwood shares how his international experience has changed how he thinks about, perceives, and acts upon racial and social justice matters. Also, he shares stories about how herbal remedies from centuries ago can still blend harmoniously with modern research-based medicine, especially in areas where access to healthcare is limited. In addition, Tim describes the structural barriers he sees to medical equity as well as differences in the perception of healthcare in America versus what he has experienced internationally, and what Northern Light Health can do help break down barriers built up by generations of misconception.

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