Affirming Women's Voice in the Conversation

In this episode of Tim Talk, Tim speaks with Marie Tessier, journalist, writer, and comments moderator for the New York Times opinion pages. Ms. Tessier is the author of "Digital Suffragists: Women, the Web and the Future of Democracy," and her work has appeared on the Women's eNews and Women's Media Center websites, in Ms. magazine, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and elsewhere. Tim and Marie discuss the value of women’s voice in society and the current lack thereof in the digital world. Marie shares her eye-opening experience moderating comments in the opinion section, what she’s noticed about how women choose to express their voice, and how women’s voices remain deeply underrepresented in meaningful social discourse today. Additionally, both Tim and Marie discuss the importance of listening and lifting women’s voices in the workplace and within our greater communities as well as the value of inviting women to share their thoughts at the table.

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