Program Leaders


“At Work Health, a division of Northern Light Health, we take pride in our comprehensive and effective occupational health services we provide to businesses throughout Maine. Our partners will tell you that our geographic scope, integrated electronic medical record, and our trained and experienced providers and clinicians will take great care of your company’s most valuable asset – your employees.”
“The Occupational Health Specialist program, unique in its structure, provides access for employees and businesses to clinicians who take the best approach to employee injuries – by preventing them. Using their unique skills, our teams work with your business on-site and off to keep injuries from getting more serious. More importantly, they work to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. The Work Health philosophy is the workplace is a team that plays its best when we are all on the same field together. Speak to our staff and our partners in the business community to find out what Work Health can do for you.”
Dr. Howard Jones has been with Northern Light Health since 2012 and with Work Health since its inception. Dr. Jones attended medical and undergraduate school at University of South Florida in Tampa and served his residency at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York where he also obtained a Master’s in Public Health. He is board certified in both internal and occupational medicine.


“The focus of our program is to provide effective injury prevention and management that produces measurable results that benefit your entire organization.”
Kyle Gilson is an experienced certified athletic trainer who has led nationally recognized programs and is a past recipient of the prestigious “Bill Cox Service Award” for his significant contributions to the advancement of sports medicine in the state of Maine. He has also served in many occupational safety related roles throughout his career.