Diabetes and Nutrition

You can live well and feel well with diabetes. We'll help you overcome the challenges.

We help you and your loved ones gain the knowledge, skills, and empowerment necessary to become active participants in your diabetes care. Our dietitians are specially trained to help achieve and maintain control of your diabetes.

Our registered dietitian nutritionists can help you learn how to develop a meal plan that is just right for you, help prevent chronic health problems, set lifestyle goals, build your confidence, and achieve health goals. The best weight management and nutrition programs are designed to balance your food, activity, and lifestyle. 

Topics discussed can include:

  • Assessment of learning needs
  • General diabetes education
  • Goal setting and behavior change support
  • Healthy food choices and meal planning
  • Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia management
  • Incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle

We can connect you with our clinical pharmacy specialist or another member of our care team to help with questions or assistance related to:

  • Diabetes medications
  • Insulin initiation and adjustment management
  • Intensive insulin therapy

What will it cost?

Most health insurance plans cover the cost of diabetes and nutrition education. Please ask your primary care provider for a referral. 

Services available at Northern Light Health Centers at:

  • Clinton: 207-426-0976
  • Newport Plaza: 207-368-5747
  • Newport Triangle: 207-368-4292
  • Pittsfield: 207-487-5154

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