For Payers

Northern Light Pharmacy helps reduce costs by helping our patients, one step at a time.

Northern Light Pharmacy specialty pharmacy focuses on providing the highest quality of care and services for all payers associated with Northern Light Pharmacy and our patients.  Our programs are designed to provide our patients with comprehensive medication therapy management services that result in optimal patient outcomes; both clinically and financially.  

Our team will work diligently to secure financial coverage and assistance for all of our patients.  By providing prior authorization management services, promoting medication adherence with timely  follow ups and operating in a way that limits unnecessary medication refills, we manage patient care with financial responsibility.  

At the request of third party payers, Northern Light Pharmacy is more than happy to provide our clinical financial and patient satisfaction outcomes upon request.  As an insurer, you could also request a list of evidence upon which we base our patient care plans on and we will even go as far as to provide the strengths and limitations of the program methodology.    

Additionally, Northern Light Pharmacy strives to provide our patient  care management in accordance with all of our third party payer’s coverage policies.  


  Specialty Pharmacy