Clinical Programs

Diabetes Care Center
Controlling or understanding your diabetes can be a challenging task for most people. In order to help our patients better understand how to manage their diabetes we have created a Diabetes Care Center. Our clinical pharmacist meets with diabetic patients in a group setting on a weekly basis. These sessions cover such following topics as;
  • Diabetes management and medications
  • Monitoring your diabetes;
  • Benefits of healthy eating and physical exercise
For more information please contact Robert Cattan RPh @ 207-275-3236

iMedicare – 
Selecting which Medicare plan to enroll in can be a challenging process. Northern Light Pharmacy has software which assists our customers with selecting the best plan based on your medication needs and helps reduce your overall costs. During your iMedicare consultation we will research the following:
  • Research the best plan (Based on your medication needs)
  • Reduce overall medication cost (offering potential alternative medications)
  • Reduce estimated time to the doughnut hole (define initial coverage and Gap coverage)
  • Find out if your—or other plans have restrictions
    • Step therapy (what you have to try 1st before you can get what you want)
    • Prior authorization (additional hoops to jump through before a medication is covered)
    • Quantity limitations (How much each plan will cover – not all medication are supplied in 90 day supplies)
    • Product not covered (If coverage will be denied for any current medications)
    • In/out of network (can I go to the pharmacy I choose – or forced elsewhere)
    • Mail order required (can I go to the pharmacy I choose – or forced elsewhere)
  • Recommend alternative medications based on coverage and contact your physician

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – Free to Miller Drug Club Customers
  • Complete medication reviews
  • Wellness assessments
  • Cholesterol evaluation to ensure best therapy
  • Renal (Kidney) evaluation to ensure all medication is dose at your current kidney function
  • Vaccine review
  • Disease state management
Vaccine Assessment – Free consultations
Are you traveling or have questions on what vaccines are appropriate for your age? We can help. Please reach out to one of our pharmacists for more information on vaccines or visit our Vaccinations Page.

Wellness Assessments
  • Check Blood Glucose -Free
  • Blood Pressure - Free
  • Hemoglobin A1c Testing - $15.00

Weightless Management Program