Northern Light Health Mail Order

As a member of Northern Light Health, Northern Light Pharmacy strives to uphold the upmost standards in customer care and patient safety that takes our healthcare system to the next level.  That is why it is our privilege at Northern Light Pharmacy to serve our fellow Northern Light Health employees system wide – ranging throughout the State of Maine and beyond – as our own in-system family.
  • We are all about convenience at Northern Light Pharmacy we firmly believe that there is nowhere more convenient than your own mail box! So if our retail locations are inconvenient for you then we offer a FREE Mail order program for prescriptions to ALL Northern Light Health Employees (even if you live in the greater Bangor or Portland areas and just prefer to get your prescriptions mailed to you – that is okay!  It’s still offered to you for FREE!). 
  • If you are new to Northern Light Health and have never had a prescription filled with Northern Light Pharmacy then please click on the link below and fill out the form, then fax/mail it in to our Northern Light Pharmacy Mail Order Pharmacy location to begin getting your prescriptions mailed out today!
  • If you are already in system and have been getting your prescriptions filled by Northern Light Pharmacy, but would like to start getting them mailed to you just call your Northern Light Pharmacy location and tell an associate that you would like to start getting your prescriptions mailed – we’ll take care of the rest!
Click here for our mail order form